QuoteMingle wants to help you shop for car insurance in California.

Everyone claims to give you quotes with every company, and no one does. That's what we aspire to do.

Currently you can use our website to gather information on the different companies while we finish our aggregate rater product.

Our founder, Brian Abbott, was an insurance agent for 10+ years and owned his own insurance agency for a few years. He has deep industry knowledge and is putting his experience to good use; helping you get a great deal.

We make money off ads so you can keep your credit card safe until you find the right insurance policy.

We don't sell insurance. We give you information to make educated insurance decisions.

You can contact us at [email protected] for anything.

QuoteMingle + Technology

Have you noticed our website is fast? Really fast?! 🚀

Today, some websites take 10 seconds to load!

20 years ago it was possible to play an online video game with people from around the world and that data would be transmitted almost instantly to dozens of people. What happened!

Well... A lot! But here's how we're solving this:

QuoteMingle uses the Qwik framework to achieve an incredible page speed. We don't just talk the talk, our website is showcased by Qwik for achieving 100% in 8 categories.

You can view Qwik's showcase here, but know that we're dedicated to providing you a great experience.